Mullan Grid Consulting

Mullan Grid Consulting is an electrical engineering consultancy specialising in the grid connection of renewable generators.  Following the substantial growth in generation connections over the past decade, the challenges associated with grid connections have become more complex. MullanGrid brings the industry knowledge and expertise required to help navigate projects from the development phase through to construction and commissioning. We operate in both Ireland and Northern Ireland and have an expert knowledge of the technical, commercial and regulatory requirements in both jurisdictions.

Why choose Mullan Grid:


  • We work across all renewable technologies including wind, solar, bio-energy, marine and hydro. Our clients include developers, financial institutions, trade associates and universities; details of which can be seen within our Clients section.

  • Experience of advising clients on connections ranging from 50kW to 400 MW. MullanGrid also have experience of all the types of generation technologies and connections at LV, 10kV, 11kV, 20kV, 33kV, 38kV, 110kV and 220kV.
  • Our engineers have advised projects through the connection offer process for Gate 1, 2 & 3. MullanGrid have also advised multiple projects through the connection offer process in Northern Ireland.
  • Active in the development of connection policy; both on behalf of clients and through its active role in the wind associations.
  • Our engineers bring experience of having worked for NIE, ESB, EirGrid to the consultancy role.
  • MullanGrid have achieved substantial savings in the connection costs, timelines and constraints for projects. Savings in the connection costs in excess of 60% have been achieved for a number of projects.
  • We have developed an extensive database of information to support the information we provide to clients. These include an ArcGIS model of both the transmission and distribution network in the ROI and NI. This database includes existing and planned generators. Other information contained within our database includes budget costs and technology data including switchgear, protection, underground cables, overhead lines and transformers.


With consultancy and utility experience we are well placed to advise developers how to navigate through the connection offer and construction process. Bringing a combination of technical and commercial expertise we can ensure the optimum connection is delivered on time and at lowest cost.


Please do not hesitate to give us a call to discuss how we could help with your grid connection query.