Small Renewables

MullanGrid can advise on the grid connection of small scale generators in Northern Ireland.


Due to the high level of projects connecting to the Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) network there are a number of issues emerging relating to the connection of small scale generation in Northern Ireland. The saturation of the 11kV network is resulting in high connection costs for a number of generators. 33kV networks and substations have or will become saturated in the future.


Renewable Energy Projects with and in the planning process NI


MullanGrid’s services to small scale renewables in Northern Ireland includes:


  • Feasibility Studies
  • Connection Applications
  • Connection Offer Reviews
  • Technical Advisor
  • Due Diligence


MullanGrid can also provide a review of the likelihood of connecting your generator early on in your project.


A MullanGrid feasibility study for a small scale generator would typically include:


  • Desktop review of local NIE distribution network including identification of 11kV three phase lines, 33kV substations and 33kV power lines
  • Review of existing generation in the area with planning or already in the planning process
  • Maps with local network and planned generation
  • Indicative connection method, costs and timelines including likelihood of the requirement of 11kV or 33kV network upgrades